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Update from Agronomy Team

Last week our agronomy team had the opportunity to attend the Montana Sugar Beet and Malt Barley Symposium. The Sugar Beet and Malt Barley Symposium is organized biannually by the Mountain State Crop Education Association to offer producers and industry professionals an educational conference.

This year our agronomy team enjoyed listening to presentations given by university research and industry representatives. Discussions ranged from disease and weed control strategies to new and evolving technology and ever-changing government regulations.

Each year our producers in the Big Horn Basin are facing new challenges in raising their crops. Cercospora leaf spot and Palmer amaranth are two of those challenges that are beginning to make an impact on our local sugar beet industry.

Our agronomy team is working hard to develop and implement strategies to help our growers combat these challenges and others that may present issues in their operations.